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    Multi-Use Tunnels

    Practice batting, pitching, and fielding at your own pace.

    Tunnels can be rented out by the half hour and full hour to the public or used weekly by select teams and/or members. Although reservations are taken and recommended for tunnel use, walk-ins are welcome upon availability.

    Our multi-use tunnels are fully turfed and equipped with:

    • Adjustable pitching machine
    • Jugs® baseball and softball practice balls
    • Practice bullpen pitcher’s mound 

    Each tunnel is separated by retractable netting in order to allow more training space.

    Indoor Multi-Use Baseball & Softball Tunnels | Extra Innings Middleton

    Now your batting practice will give you a definitive edge!

    The Home Plate Machine is one of most advanced pitching machines available today and is used by top high school, collegiate and MLB teams.

    • Want to work on hitting curveballs from a right handed or left handed pitcher?
    • Want to see a mixed sequence of pitches like you will face in a game?
    • The Home Plate Machine can deliver a different pitch type every 7 seconds and do it automatically.

    The machine can throw pitches at random, in sequential order or you can repeat any pitch.

    Indoor Baseball & Softball Batting Cages - Home Plate Machine | Extra Innings Rocklin, MA

    Additional features:

    • Automated machine with remote console.
    • You can customize your batting practice.
    • Throws real leather baseballs.
    • Throws fastballs, curveballs and change-ups
    • Throws up to 90MPH

    Customize your batting practice by calling 916-253-3593 today!

    Hitting Tunnel Rentals

      Half Hour - $25
      Full Hour - $45

    Team Rates Available

      2 Tunnels with Pitching Machine

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